Dealing with dry skin during the winter

In my previous post I had mentioned that I had been dealing with a cold turned chest infection. Not only has this been making me feel rubbish, but making me look a bit rubbish too! I have quite good skin which would tend to be on the more oily side. However, when I get a cold, my skin turns into a dry mess. Like many people, I get dry skin on and around my nose (glamorous, I know) from blowing it so much. I have been using three products to battle my dry skin problems and they seem to be serving me very well. 

Firstly, on my body I have been using Kiehl's famous Creme de Corps*. I have purchased it before when I was in the US but now we have our now Kiehl's store in Belfast, I feel like it will now be a permanent feature of my beauty collection. The sweet smelling cream which contains nourishing soy milk helps to soothe and moisturise skin. I will admit that I hate moisturising post shower/bath. I loathe the idea of moisturiser being  really sticky. However, Creme to Corps sinks in quickly and a little goes a long way. I think I'll be off to buy a litre bottle soon! 

On super dry patches, the good old Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream comes out. I have on occasion used this as an entire face mask (I only recommend this if you are recovering from a particularly hideous bout of flu or have very dry skin). It is also a great products for lips and brows before bed. 

Finally, as my weekly face treat, I have been using the Kiehl's Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque* I have used other overnight masques before, but like with many moisturisers, I have found them sticky. The Kiehl's formula is a clear gel which is applied all over the face. After 10 minutes, the excess is removed then the rest is left to work it's magic overnight. There is no real scent off it. The tub is also HUGE meaning this will last me forever! From first use, I thought my skin seemed more plumped and hydrated. I will be using this weekly from now on as my skin can get dehydrated easily if I have been wearing a lot of makeup or I have been very stressed out. I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels like their skin is looking a bit lack lustre or it seems like your makeup isn't looking as nice as lately.

Let me know what you are using to combat your dry winter skin!

That Belfast Girl

*PR sample