The Maxi Scarf

I'm very much of the "the bigger the better" opinion in life. Big hair, big handbags, big eyebrows (particularly in this picture- I need them sorted!)..... and now I can add my new tartan scarf to that list. I am feeling the cold weather this week in Belfast so I've needed to wrap up warm on my travels. Tartan is such a huge trend this season and although I'm not brave enough to wear a tartan dress, a scarf is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into an existing wardrobe. I picked up this scarf in Zara for £19.99 which I think is such a bargain. The scarf is a glorified blanket. I have worn it wrapped over a jumper in a cape fashion and wrapped around me numerous times as featured in the picture about. It i honestly so warm and cosy. At some point I'm sure I will actually use it as a blanket (I'm just imagining myself curled up in it during a lecture... university is cold!). A fantastic buy that I know I will have years.

That Belfast Girl x