That Belfast Girl visits the new Kiehl's Belfast store

I am totally skincare obsessed. The older I become, the worse it is becoming. So when I heard that Kiehl's were opening up a Belfast store, I was over-joyed. Prior to the stand alone store, Kiehl's was only available to us via Space NK. The store which is located at the Corn Market side of Victoria Square, is utterly beautiful. It is a really open space with great lighting. The store is really hygienic but still very inviting, incorporating the history of Kiehl's in the decor. Kiehl's is a really famous American skincare brand and it has been in operation since 1851. What started out as 1 single New York pharmacy has expanded into a world wide brand. The concept behind Kiehl's is simplicity: simple packaging, simple ingredients for effective and easy skincare. They were also the first skincare brand to create a special range for men which remains one of the companies highest selling product ranges. Kiehl's a brand with a genuine history and they focus on "giving back" to charities such as AIDs research and prevention which I think is amazing. 

The thing I loved about the store the most was the friendly attitude. The girls are so lovely and helpful. It isn't a "pushy" environment. You can book in for a skin consultation where you will be told top to toe which products are perfect for your skin and aid your skin to get in the condition you want it. They are also very kind with samples which is fab, especially with skincare. I will be trying out some of the products over the next few months so make sure to stay tuned!

For now, go visit the Kiehl's store! You won't be disappointed. My recommendations are the Creme de Corps body moisturizer (which Beyonce uses!) and the Midnight Recovery Concrete. Both are suitable for all skin types.

Let me know if you visit,

G x