That Belfast Girl reviews: The MAC's Jazz Supper Club

I'm a massive supporter of the MAC in Belfast. If you haven't been... you need to visit. It's a restaurant, theatre, gallery and much more in one. There is something for everyone and they are really inventive with what they bring to the MAC, right down to the food they serve in their restaurant which is called Canteen. I was delighted to be able to sample their Jazz Supper Evening featuring the Casa Havana Trio which features three of Belfast's finest and hardest working musicians. The singer, Jolene O'Hara has a stunning voice. So while the jazz flowed throughout the building, myself and my lovely mum enjoyed a relaxing 2 course supper. I loved the really chilled out atmosphere of the evening. It was my mum's first time in the MAC and she was really taken with it and described the staff multiple times as "lovely". Mum and I both enjoyed the Flank Steak for main but we were in love with the sweet potato chips which came with it My mum and I both were addicted to these on a trip to Las Vegas and the MAC's were the first in Belfast to match up to those in Vegas! 

Flank steak and sweet potato chips.... yum!
For dessert, my mum picked an apple and berry crumble (She's a simple woman). I opted for the orange and cardamon panna cotta as I have a bit of thing about panna cotta.. I love testing it out any time it is on a menu. Both were beautifully presented and you can tell that presentation is something which the MAC pride themselves on. My panna cotta was really lovely and light. The flavours were evident but not overwhelming. My mum enjoyed her crumble (I stole a taste and it was lovely).

Apple and Berry Crumble
Panna cotta
We loved the jazz music. It felt so nice just to chill out and enjoy something rather than worry about the stresses of life. I'd definitely try to hear the Casa Havana Trio if they are playing near you. A cool new sound for Belfast and something a bit different. Tickets for the event cost £20 and included a glass of wine. For the food alone, I would pay more than this and it's a great offer for the economic climate we are still in. It would be a great alternative girls night out or date night. 

Thanks to the MAC for having me for the Jazz Supper Club.

To see what is happening at the MAC, including lots of fun food events, click here. To see what the Casa Havana Trio are up to, have a look on their Facebook.

That Belfast Girl x