I am a nightmare with my hair. For anyone who has read That Belfast Girl for a considerable amount of time, they know that I change my mind about my hair like the wind. It's been blonde, auburn and my natural almost black colour. Lately I cut in a fringe to prevent me from cutting my hair back into a bob. I also haven't coloured it for 8 weeks and I currently have an inch and a half of grey roots. Lovely. I don't know if I've spoken about this before but I started going grey very young. My hairdresser found a grey hair when I was 8 and my mum was traumatized. However, my hair has starting "growing grey" i.e. when my hair is getting longer the roots will be snow white. I suppose it's quite a common thing for very dark girls. I'm pretty convinced that I probably will let it go white when I'm in my 30s and have hair a la Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. I spend so much money on trying to maintain the grey and it does upset me! I have a hair appointment for next weekend so stay tuned to see what the outcome is! 

While I've been letting my hair just do it's own thing, I've been using a couple of things which have been life savers. Firstly, I started taking MorEPA supplements about a month a go. These high level fish oil capsules have made my nails really strong and I'm convinced they have helped my hair grow too. I've tried out a lot of supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails over the past year and these are the only ones which don't make me feel sick and have had great results. Omega 3 has a range of health benefits and as I am going through quite a stressful time in my post-graduate course, they are also great to help as an all rounder. You can buy them on Amazon and in many good health stores.

Secondly, I LIVE for my Tangle Teezer. My naturally curly hair can be a nightmare. I get into the shower and wash my hair and after I've put my conditioner on, I brush through my hair with my Tangle Teezer. It means the conditioner is divided out well and that my hair is silky soft and easy to blow-dry when I get out of the shower. Aiding in this blow-drying process is the Tresemme Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave in Conditioner. I put this through the ends of towel dried hair and blow-dry. It helps my hair to look salon quality (and seems to conceal and nasty split ends!). 

Finally, my grey is so bad that I've been trying to conceal it using many different things but since I am a little lazy (and always in a rush), the classic Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark hair which has brown pigment in it, will help to a small degree to conceal my ever growing roots. It also helps for 2nd day hair if I just happen to be sticking it up into a pony tail. 

I'm trying my best to grow my hair but I don't know how much will power I have! And Kim Kardashian's blonde hair isn't helping....

Stay tuned to see next weekend's results!

That Belfast Girl x

That Belfast Girl reviews: The MAC's Jazz Supper Club

I'm a massive supporter of the MAC in Belfast. If you haven't been... you need to visit. It's a restaurant, theatre, gallery and much more in one. There is something for everyone and they are really inventive with what they bring to the MAC, right down to the food they serve in their restaurant which is called Canteen. I was delighted to be able to sample their Jazz Supper Evening featuring the Casa Havana Trio which features three of Belfast's finest and hardest working musicians. The singer, Jolene O'Hara has a stunning voice. So while the jazz flowed throughout the building, myself and my lovely mum enjoyed a relaxing 2 course supper. I loved the really chilled out atmosphere of the evening. It was my mum's first time in the MAC and she was really taken with it and described the staff multiple times as "lovely". Mum and I both enjoyed the Flank Steak for main but we were in love with the sweet potato chips which came with it My mum and I both were addicted to these on a trip to Las Vegas and the MAC's were the first in Belfast to match up to those in Vegas! 

Flank steak and sweet potato chips.... yum!
For dessert, my mum picked an apple and berry crumble (She's a simple woman). I opted for the orange and cardamon panna cotta as I have a bit of thing about panna cotta.. I love testing it out any time it is on a menu. Both were beautifully presented and you can tell that presentation is something which the MAC pride themselves on. My panna cotta was really lovely and light. The flavours were evident but not overwhelming. My mum enjoyed her crumble (I stole a taste and it was lovely).

Apple and Berry Crumble
Panna cotta
We loved the jazz music. It felt so nice just to chill out and enjoy something rather than worry about the stresses of life. I'd definitely try to hear the Casa Havana Trio if they are playing near you. A cool new sound for Belfast and something a bit different. Tickets for the event cost £20 and included a glass of wine. For the food alone, I would pay more than this and it's a great offer for the economic climate we are still in. It would be a great alternative girls night out or date night. 

Thanks to the MAC for having me for the Jazz Supper Club.

To see what is happening at the MAC, including lots of fun food events, click here. To see what the Casa Havana Trio are up to, have a look on their Facebook.

That Belfast Girl x

The Maxi Scarf

I'm very much of the "the bigger the better" opinion in life. Big hair, big handbags, big eyebrows (particularly in this picture- I need them sorted!)..... and now I can add my new tartan scarf to that list. I am feeling the cold weather this week in Belfast so I've needed to wrap up warm on my travels. Tartan is such a huge trend this season and although I'm not brave enough to wear a tartan dress, a scarf is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into an existing wardrobe. I picked up this scarf in Zara for £19.99 which I think is such a bargain. The scarf is a glorified blanket. I have worn it wrapped over a jumper in a cape fashion and wrapped around me numerous times as featured in the picture about. It i honestly so warm and cosy. At some point I'm sure I will actually use it as a blanket (I'm just imagining myself curled up in it during a lecture... university is cold!). A fantastic buy that I know I will have years.

That Belfast Girl x

My Winter Scent

Winter means 3 things to me: Starbucks Red Cups, a new coat and a sexy winter scent. I love perfumes and I easily have ten on rotation but my daily "go to" for this winter is Givenchy Dahlia Noir. I received this as a Christmas gift last year but I put it away after the winter as it's a very deep scent. I'd say out of all the fragrances I own, this is the most ornate but it's also the one which men and women both compliment. That in my books, it a sign of a good fragrance! Givenchy Dahlia Noir is descibed as "A classic, unique fragrance with the femininity of a powdery rose and the sensual mystery of vanilla". On first spray, Dahlia Noir has a very strong powdery floral scent but when it settles, there are more sexy musk tones to it. I feel like this scent is very grown up but also still fun. I can't wait to use this over the next few months as the reactions I've received when wearing it so far have been great. A friend who hates perfume even commented that it was nice!

What is your winter scent?

G x

My New Obsession: Urban Decay's Shattered Face Case

Every so often a product comes out that answers my prayers. I've turned into that person that spends the day doing work then has to run to meet friends or a blog event which has taken some of the joy out of getting glammed up for me. However, I recently saw that Urban Decay had created "Face Cases" which include all the products you need to go from day to night. And boy, am I impressed! The Shattered Face Case includes 5 gorgeous eye-shadows- from a dark brown to a cream colour. I love the purple shade as it makes for a perfect, but not too harsh, smoky eye. The shadows look quite shimmery in the palette but they don't transfer or make you look like a disco ball. Teamed with this is a 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero (Black). If you have never tried the 24/7 eye pencils, I urge you too. I'm not a big eyeliner fan but these are so easy to use and are super blendable. In the underneath layer are 2 blushes and a highlight- a more peachy pink, a true rosy glow and a subtle shimmer highlight. There is also a Super Saturated lip colour in Lovechild which is a super glossy lipstick/gloss, Apply 2 coats for a solid pink or apply one layer and blend with your ring finger for a nude glow. There is also a huge mirror on each layer meaning that my girls who commute won't have to make a dash for the train bathroom. Overall, it is an amazing palette which I am sure I will use lots over the next few busy months. It's getting popped in my bag with an eye-shadow and blush brush (Real Techniques of course) and not moving!

Urban Decay is available at Debenhams Belfast and Rushmere. The Shattered Face Case is priced at £30 but it's limited edition so go and snap it up! 

G x

That Belfast Girl visits the new Kiehl's Belfast store

I am totally skincare obsessed. The older I become, the worse it is becoming. So when I heard that Kiehl's were opening up a Belfast store, I was over-joyed. Prior to the stand alone store, Kiehl's was only available to us via Space NK. The store which is located at the Corn Market side of Victoria Square, is utterly beautiful. It is a really open space with great lighting. The store is really hygienic but still very inviting, incorporating the history of Kiehl's in the decor. Kiehl's is a really famous American skincare brand and it has been in operation since 1851. What started out as 1 single New York pharmacy has expanded into a world wide brand. The concept behind Kiehl's is simplicity: simple packaging, simple ingredients for effective and easy skincare. They were also the first skincare brand to create a special range for men which remains one of the companies highest selling product ranges. Kiehl's a brand with a genuine history and they focus on "giving back" to charities such as AIDs research and prevention which I think is amazing. 

The thing I loved about the store the most was the friendly attitude. The girls are so lovely and helpful. It isn't a "pushy" environment. You can book in for a skin consultation where you will be told top to toe which products are perfect for your skin and aid your skin to get in the condition you want it. They are also very kind with samples which is fab, especially with skincare. I will be trying out some of the products over the next few months so make sure to stay tuned!

For now, go visit the Kiehl's store! You won't be disappointed. My recommendations are the Creme de Corps body moisturizer (which Beyonce uses!) and the Midnight Recovery Concrete. Both are suitable for all skin types.

Let me know if you visit,

G x