The best Belfast people to follow on Instagram

I'm addicted to Instagram. I love lying in bed in the morning and see what people have been getting up to, buying or eating. It's like living vicariously through someone. There are some amazing Belfast Instagram-ers that you must follow so I thought I would let you know about them below. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, @gemmalebond.

@frenchforcupcake Claire is a blogger and owner of the Lily Pink Bakery which sells the MOST delicious cupcakes EVER! Claire also owns a very cute dachshund called Lola who features regularly on her Instagram. Follow her for cakes, cuteness and all round fun. 

@dressjunkie Arlene is one of my most favourite people on Instagram. She has been on a fitness journey and it has been amazing to follow her during this. She also loves all things beauty and fashion and always inspires me to buy many things. Like me, she's also obsessed with her hair and currently is working some amazing extensions. Follow her for fitness, fashion, hair, beauty and some serious health motivation. 

@belfastimes Jeff is an amazing Belfast blogger. Under the name Belfast Times, he posts about everything going on in Belfast right now. He somehow manages to pop up and Instagram at just about everything! His pictures are always amazing- he just has a knack for it! Follow him for events, behind the scenes and general Belfast banter. 

@strawbryblonde Nic is my opinion is the best beauty blogger we have in Northern Ireland. Her reviews are so superior to everyone else. She always has the latest products and throws some hidden gems in with them too. Follow her for all the beauty biz. 

@pamcginnis My friend Patricia is an interior design goddess. She takes the most beautiful pictures and her soon to open business (stay tuned!) means that she has been travelling lots to look at beautiful interior design pieces. She is also about to get a little pug which will add even more cuteness to her Instagram feed. Follow her if you love the colour orange and general interior design and homeware glory. 

@schoolgatestyle My blogging partner in crime, Avril from fashion blog School Gate Style, has been really getting into Instagram lately. I love her updates of what she is wearing and her ever growing obsession with scarves. Follow her for wearable and fun fashion.

Let me know who you love on Instagram below!

G x