Getting to know Temple Spa

My friend Pauline is a Temple Spa consultant and kindly invited me to a party at her house. I knew little about Temple Spa as a brand.... only that it loves natural ingredients and Nigella Lawson has major love for their cleanser. 

So armed with this information, off I skipped to Pauline's house. Myself and four other girls decided to go for a Friday night of girly treats! Pauline lives in the most beautiful, tranquil home which really lends itself to an evening of pampering. We all sat around a big table, lit with candles, listening to come cool music and sipping water to hydrate ourselves in preparation for our skin treats. Pauline went through every step of the Temple Spa process from cleansers to moisturisers, right down to the amazing gift sets they have out for Christmas (which are amazing value for money... I think I'd like to buy myself all of them!). I found out that the products are inspired by the Mediterranean and that the ingredients are natural. Some of the products are even hand blended! It's a really exclusive brand and it's stocked in Harrods... ooh fancy! We got to try the products catered to our skin. I have quite sensitive skin which is prone to break out if it doesn't like the products I'm using, but all of the Temple Spa stuff felt lovely. I particularly enjoyed the Be Calm mask which left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Pauline also told us the ingredients of each product- it turns out a lot of the range I was using contained calming ingredients such as Vitamin E and Chamomile. It also helps that Pauline is a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist (along with being a counselor! Talented lady!) so she was really informative on each person's skin type and why our skin might not be in tip top condition. 

I really enjoyed my evening getting to know Temple Spa... so much so that I ordered a new cleanser! Thank you so much to Pauline for hosting a great evening. Pauline lives about 20 minutes outside Belfast making it handy to get to. She can also travel to host a party at your home. If you would like to host a Temple Spa party or purchase any of the products, check out Pauline's website at If you would like to avail of Pauline's many other talents (makeup, counseling or beauty), check out her website at

G x