Brow maintenance

I am addicted to brows. I have friends who hide their brows from me when I talk about my love for them. At the moment I have a rather heavy fringe which is allowing me to hide my brows for a few weeks to grow them out. I have been growing them for a few months and thought I would let you know my at home brow tips. I will preface this with the fact I haven't had my brows professionally seen to for over 3 months. I usually switch between waxing and threading. I will probably get them threaded in another month or so once I have grown them a bit more! I also fill my brows in using an array of things- HD powder, a Laura Mercier pencil or sometimes I just stick a bit of clear mascara on them. This post is for you if you are like me and trying to thicken up or grow out you brows- I dream of Elizabeth Taylor's big brows! 

This might seem like a logical step for many but a brow brush is essential! Brush your hairs down and see if your brows could do with a trim or brush super bushy brows into place. I picked up my brow comb from my local Superdrug. 

I have said it before and I will say it again- Tweezerman tweezers are well worth the money! I have limited edition Gwen Stefani ones which I picked up in America a few years back. They are just the perfect angle and out of all the tweezers I have ever owned, these hurt the least! There's nothing worse than tweezers which feel scratchy on your skin! 

I have recently discovered the world of home tinting. I usually reserved brow tinting for holiday time but I have realised using a black tint (especially on the front of my brows) makes my brows look so much thicker. Tinting picks up all of the little tiny hairs which you spend so much time filling in. I use the Eyelure tinting kit from Boots and do them every couple of weeks. I surround my brows with 8 Hour cream so the tint does not get on the skin, apply the tint with a cotton bud and wipe it off after 5 minutes. It's very easy and saves a lot of money. Make sure to do a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the tint.

I was given a PR sample of Rapid Lash a long time ago but only recently rediscovered it. I didn't like it on my lashes as it always felt a bit sticky but it has been the most amazing things for my brows. I keep it beside my bed and put it on with my night cream. It has really helped the fronts of my brows to become more full and overall, I've just seen a huge change in how fast my brows are growing since using this. So inspired!

Let me know how you look after your brows!

G x