The "At Home" Mani

Over the past few weeks, I've been giving myself a little manicure every Monday. I have very long nail beds and I'm really lazy and never look after them. I suppose I realised I could have nice nails if I bothered my backside....! Make sure to check out my Instagram (@gemmalebond) for #MondayMani updates.

Here is my easy home manicure in 4 simple steps. 

This step is pretty logical- remove any existing polish that you may be wearing. I try to give my nails a 1 or 2 day a week polish break. It really does make a difference. I've been using the Cien Nail Polish Remover from Lidl (of all places!). It was about £2 and I love it because it comes in a little salon style pump so it lasts for AGES! This is the acetone version which smells of almonds and there is a non-acetone pink formula for all you gel and acrylic lovers. Fabulous bargain find! 

I've only recently started using the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. I put a small amount at the cuticle then go back with the orange stick and push down my cuticles and remove the remainder with a cotton pad. I feel like my nails have totally changed shape because of it. I then file my nails using a Young Nails 150 file. I like the 150 variety because they are very coarse. I like to keep my nails in quite a short, square shape which looks chic and stylish when painted. I also buff my nails but probably only about once a month as it can be damaging if done too frequently. Things such as the files and orange sticks can be purchased in bulk from beauty supple stores. 

I seriously think this is the reason my nail polish lasts longer. It's a tip that any good manicurist will give you. In order to get the longest out of your manicure you need to have a dehydrated nail so using another cotton pad, I swipe over a small drop of pure acetone (again available from beauty supply stores) to remove all oils from the nail. This will give you a perfect base for your polish. 

Finally, I use a base coat which can be just left on natural nails or as an under layer to coloured polish. I am currently using Miracle Growth by Sally Hansen which works really well and helps polish stick whilst also being nurturing to the nail. 

I will then either leave my nails or paint then, finishing with a helping of cuticle oil and hand cream. I am loving the Dove Indulgent Nourishment hand cream (pictured above) as it sinks in really quickly. I haven't included cuticle oil in my manicure routine as I actually keep it on my beside table and apply it every night with my face cream. I use Avoplex by OPI and it last for ages.

I hope this has been helpful and makes you get your nails in tip top shape!

G x