Learning to dress for my shape

I'm never going to be skinny. Even if I starved myself, it isn't going to happen. I'm 5ft10 and a size 14, or as my granny told me at a very young age "You're just big boned love, we all are". Sometimes I can get into a 12. Sometimes I'm a 16. It depends on he shop and the shape and fit of each item. I've never been super thin. In my early teenage years I used to be much fitter and used to enjoy dance classes and running until a 6 year long lasting injury put a stop to basically all exercise. After a surgery to fix this injury when I was 19, I realised that my body had completely changed. Maybe it was more of a mental thing than anything else, but I felt completely different and slightly at a loss of how to dress. The combination of strong medication and lack of exercise had made me put weight on in "problem" areas. Now I'm almost 2 years down the line and I can FINALLY see the weight coming off me. I am doing light exercise and feeling much better. I've always ate the same food and really regard myself as an "all in moderation" type of person. One of my very petite friends always laughs as I eat less than her yet she is half my size. Go figure? Metabolisms are a pain.

However, in the past few months I've felt a physical and mental change in myself and I feel like I've started dressing more appropriately for my body type. I've never gone out in booty shorts but at the same time, what I've been wearing hasn't helped matters.  My shape is somewhere between a pear and an hourglass. I don't think it's made it's mind up yet. I have big boobs, a smaller waist, a tummy, hips and a backside to rival any one of the Kardashian family. I hope that in time with exercise and hard work that I can turn into the perfect hourglass figure but for now, I've just got to be happy with what I've got.

I realised that for many years I had been hiding behind my clothes and to an extent, probably still do. However, I've stopped buying clothes that are too big for me. I had a real habit of buying "oversized" things which just made me look like a big rectangle. I have long legs but I also have a long torso so I have learned that high waisted things can work to my advantage. I recently bought jeans which are high waisted but without pockets so they do not draw attention the tummy area. I have recently discovered the world of draped fabrics. I have always admired Vivienne Westwood clothes which involve a lot of draped fabrics and have fans such as Nigella Lawson and Helena Bonham Carter. I can now see why they are fans of the shapes- the draped nature skims across the bust and flatters women with boobs but with a slight tummy (see the 1st and last pictures above!). I've learned to work with hiding the areas I don't feel comfortable with (boobs) and work with the area I feel most comfortable with (legs). The middle picture above, is a dress from the Kardashian Kollection which I have had for a while and I've teamed it with a blazer from Dunnes and Primark shoes. I feel like it cuts me off a good point and makes my legs look longer! Another leg "tip" has been fake tan! I haven't been tanning the top of my body but just tanning my legs! I'm sure this is about to change as the winter is coming.

For the winter, I think I'll be living in leggings, riding boots and draped tops. I'm trying to buy less clothes and instead, buy more, good quality/flattering clothes. I feel like this is a complete new learning process with clothes for me but I hope that you'll come on this little journey with me!

G x