Obsessed with Orange OOTD

I have a serious addiction to the colour orange. Twice this week I have stepped out looking like a giant mandarin but I just can't help myself! Orange has been my favourite colour for about a year and since then I seem to have brought everything in sight in orange.

This all orange outfit is not my usual. I would never usually wear dresses this shape but I have been told it is flattering for my small waist (but I have huge hips!). The dress is a year old from H&M, the necklace is from Warehouse, the belt is from Primark, the bag is a limited edition Longchamp and the shoes are Michael Kors. I will admit that I bought the sandals last year and they cut the feet of me. However, this year, the leather seems softer (or maybe my feet have toughened up!) and I've been wearing them much more.

Overall, a super colourful outfit and not something your will often see me in! I'm starting to see weight come off me so I feel like I can be a bit more colourful and not just stick to my usual black uniform. What colour should I try next?

G x