My First Louis Vuitton Item: The Emilie Wallet

Wallet closed, inside the wallet

For the three years of university my mother promised me that at the end of my degree I could have something I always wanted: something from Louis Vuitton. I initially wanted a Speedy 35 but due to the multiple price increases, I felt I didn't want to ask my mum for something so expensive. I thought I would instead ask for a Emilie wallet in the classic monogram print. I needed a new purse and thought a wallet was a great place to start with Louis Vuitton. I would get to see the quality of the leather, see how it wears and hopefully, save to buy my own bag which I would appreciate more. During our London trip, we decided to get my wallet in the flap-ship Bond Street store. I picked the green leather inside the wallet (it is also available in red and blue) as green is one of my favourite colours. I also really like contrast of the emerald green with the classic monogram print. The Emilie wallet is a great size with room for 4 cards (or more if you double up), notes, coins, a section at the back where I keep loyalty cards and compartment at the back (where my initials are) where I will keep receipts. I can also fit my iPhone inside if I am running to do errands. I opted to get my initials hot-stamped on my wallet which is a signature, free service at selected Louis Vuitton stores. You can print your initials in many colours, shapes and sizes and it only took 10 minutes. 

My initials

Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of my wallet and look forward to seeing how the leathers wears over the coming months and years. The Emilie Wallet currently retails for £265.

G x