Picking the perfect graduation outfit

It seems very scary to me that my graduation is so soon! I've been blogging since the summer after my first year of university and it seemed to be very far away but I'm proud to say that it's almost here. I've been thinking for ages about the type of outfit to wear. It is important to pick something which has some form of shoulder which will allow for your hood to be pinned and prevent it from slipping. The choice of shoe (the dreaded "what if I fall before I get my degree" scenario) is also important. My robes are black and my hood is pale blue with a white fur trim- quite dramatic (and totally FAB)! I've had a look at some of  my favourite shops to hopefully inspire some of you for your upcoming graduation.

The dress
As a 5ft10 girl, getting a dress to hit my knee can be somewhat of a problem but I have been really impressed by the selections in both Marks & Spencer and Next. The biggest piece of advice that everyone has given me is to go "classic". You will have your graduation pictures for eternity.. Aztec print might be on trend now but will you look ridiculous in 2043? Personally, I have opted for a plain white dress. I think dresses which fit really well in a block colour will stand out the most and look the best under a gown. However, if you opt for a print, keep it soft. Flowers and pastels will not look to harsh against a black gown. Alternatively, if you aren't a fan of your legs or like me, are super tall and just enjoy them, why not opt for a super flattering long leg jumpsuit? They are really on trend at the moment and will get lots of wear after your ceremony.

Here are some of my favourites from online:

Cream Lace Dress, Next, £60
Floral printed dress, Karen Millen, £160

T- Shirt Jumpsuit, Topshop, £60 

The shoes
If you are not a heel person, do not pick your graduation to decide to try them out! At 5ft10, I always tend to go for 3-4 inch heels which don't make me too tall/wobbly! Zara does some of the best and most comfortable shoes EVER, and they have lots of shoes which are very affordable. A platform is always great to give extra height and to balance out the foot. Wedges are also a great alternative and look super summery.

Juliet Platform Court, Hobbs at House of Fraser, £74 in the sale
High Leather Court Shoe, Zara, £25.99 in the sale

Whippie Cross Over Wedges, Topshop, £45

I hope this style advice was helpful and that you have an amazing graduation. Education is important!

G x