Eating Out in Belfast #2

I've been trying to loose a bit of weight recently for my upcoming graduation so apart from the odd naughty Happy Meal, I haven't been eating out much. However, this week, myself, my mum and Gran all headed to cool new Belfast spot Bubbacue for a bit of lunch. My mum really wanted to go for her birthday lunch (which is SO not her, she's more of an afternoon type of gal)- I think she's been watching too much Man vs Food and misses our holidays to America. My Gran didn't have a clue what was going on. She's more of a fish and chips type of lady and being 74, noted how "trendy" and "young" the customers were. I love the concept of Bubbacue; a small menu, big portions and yummy grub. It is a Texan grill style place selling spicy sausage, chicken, pulled pork and brisket. If you like Nandos or Boojum, you will love Bubbacue. You order as you go in the door and take a seat at one of the cute red and white table-clothed tables. I loved the table numbers made out of Coca-Cola bottles with wooden spoons stuck on them. The tables also have 4 different BBQ sauces to try ranging from sweet to Carolina which is a bit more fiery. My Gran found it funny that the napkins came in the form of a kitchen roll sat on the table- I thought it was very clever!
Our food was served very quickly and the portions were huge. I opted for a pulled pork sandwich with Mac n Cheese, coleslaw and a pickle. My mum opted for the same only with fries and my gran picked (i.e. we ordered for her) a beef brisket sandwich with fries. I liked how the food came in little tins and the "sandwich" is a sweet bun, much like the bun in which McDonald's burgers are served. I loved my meal (and the pickle. I was the only one in my family to eat it. Apparently when my mum was pregnant she couldn't stop eating them. It makes me feel like Snooki) and the portion was very big. I left a lot because I was also eating some of my Gran's fries (very thin and yummy, like fries when you go on holiday). Bubbacue is amazing value for money and seems to be a hit with people of my age for this fact. Meals are about £5.50 and drinks are £1.50 and I didn't eat all day after it! They also have a take out service. Some men from the PSNI had popped in for some takeaway for their lunch while we were there! I had some home-made lemonade as my drink and it was a lovely compliment to the BBQ tastes.
Yummy Lemonade

Yummy sandwich and Mac n cheese.... and a pickle!
I'd definitely recommend Bubbacue for a great, filling, tasty and value for money lunch. Even my Gran liked it and she's quite a fussy eater.
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