That Belfast Girl Chats.... Me, Myself & Makeup

I can't remember the exact age I decided I needed to wear a full face of slap everyday. I think it was sometime in my mid-teens. I wish I still had Bebo to get back some of my old pictures. Me, with my big curly hair, wearing black liner (which I don't suit because of the shape of my eyes) and lots of foundation from about the age of 14 is what I imagine I'd find. I just love products.. it's been a life-long thing. A story I often recount is from my final year of primary school. We used to have PE on a Friday afternoon and after-school I'd gone to my best friend's house. As she lived close to our school, we went home in our PE shorts and t-shirts. We got to her house and her Granny and Grandpa were there. I was always quite an olive skinned child and "took a colour easily" and my BFF's Granny remarked on how tan my legs were to which I replied "Thanks, my mum puts fake tan on my legs for PE!!!". Yes folks, from aged 10, me with my waxed eyebrows and fake tanned legs may have been were it began. Most of my friends are very used to seeing me "made-up". I go through periods were I look more like a WAG or a 35 year old mum of 2 than a 21 year old girl. I don't have bad skin. I did for periods growing up (so for a while Estee Lauder Double Wear was my best friend. Don't do it to yourself girls) but my skin gets the odd spot now, but nothing major. Over the past 6 months I've been working on getting my skin into good condition and therefore have been going makeup free quite often. The reaction I've had has been so strange.... from people saying I look like a different person to people remarking how good my skin is. I do feel naked without makeup and I think that is wear BB cream has become a good friend but going totally makeup free can be scary but so freeing.
I thought I'd share some personal pictures with you... a sort of "makeup history" of my face. We all make makeup mistakes and it's good to look back and see where it began!
Age 15
This is a picture taken in my Uncle's house he used to have in Spain. I'm 15 here and I have no make-up on (apart from seemingly something on my lips!). I remember I cut my hair into a bob that summer with my BFF (a bit of "If you'll do it, I'll do it") so I wore it curly a lot. To me, my skin looks really good and my eyebrows look quite full naturally! I didn't really do much with my brows until I was about 18. Also, how cute is my little cousin? He is so little in this but turns 9 this summer!

Age 16
This photo (with my Granny before she let her hair go grey!!) was taken the following summer on a family holiday to Portugal. I really fell deeply in love with red lipstick between 15-16, so much so, that my lips would often be stained from wearing it so much! I don't have many pictures from age 16 but from this picture, my hair and skin look good!

Age 17
This was  me getting ready to go a friend's formal. I had just come back from the hairdressers and probably was taking a picture to see how my up-do looked! Again, the no make-up look seemed to be fine and not bother me. My skin doesn't look as good in this picture as it did in the one above- I'm sure a combination of stress and not being in the sun did it!

Aged 18
This was the summer after I had just finished school. I had got really into a) brows b) lashes c) spray tans and d) whitening my teeth....obviously all at once. I think this was my really heavy Kardashian phase hence the colour of me (I used to get DOUBLE DARK spray tans!) and the leopard print shirt. I still am into all of these things but not as obvious in this picture! I do however, like my hair here and I remember being really happy on this day and feeling thin! I hope my hair gets back into this shape soon!

Aged 19
I had just started university and for once, was feeling so settled in what I was doing. I loved my course. I had lightened my hair (which didn't stay for long!!!) but my skin looks lovely here and clearly I was still big on the lashes! My brows look thinner here than usual... must have had a bad wax!!! It think it's strange that I'm only 19 here, I feel like I look much older. I remember I was really into Clairns Tan at this time and I probably should go back to it. I think my lashes are some from China that my uni chum gave me. My lipstick is L'Oreal 235 Nude which is probably the only lipstick I've ever bought consistently when it runs out! I still love it.

Aged 20
This was taken during last summer when I went on holiday with my friends to Portugal. Clearly my brows had grown a lot and I don't have much makeup on (and I'm a bit oily and freckley because of the sun!) but I love this picture because it's quite natural. If I looked like this everyday I'd be very happy! I think I look better with a bit of a tan.

Now.. aged 21
I don't think I need a picture of aged 21 as if you are a reader of my blog, you know what I look like. I think I'm a combination of all of the above makeup scenarios. I love being tan. I love having no makeup on. I need a big brow but some days they just don't work out. I think I'm very much still finding out what I love and trying to be adventurous.
That is my makeup story and it's still on-going... hopefully I'll not look back at 35 and think I was crazy! Retrospect is a great thing.
G x

That Belfast Girl reviews.... Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

My new Naked Skin Foundation just hanging out with my Next Diffuser (which smells gorgeous!)

I am a very fussy foundation girl. I have very normal skin but I am prone to the odd spot (and hormonal oiliness, ew), especially if products contain talc. I have been very loyal to my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation for the past few years but it is quite medium-full coverage. My skin has really improved the past few months so I felt I would like to try something more buildable. I was kindly invited down to the Urban Decay counter in Belfast and had my makeup done by the lovely counter manager. They kindly gave me a Naked Skin Foundation to try out. I've been using it for a few weeks and I've been largely impressed. It is the most buildable foundation I've ever used. I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush after I've applied some of the foundation to the back of my hand. Unike my Laura Mercier foundation, Naked Skin is very runny which lends itself to being worked into the skin and built up. I am the colour number 2.0; definitely go  in and get colour matched. The girls at the Belfast counter are lovely and have plenty of little samples for you to try (which I always think is important for a foundation!). I have been using this foundation, along with L'Oreal Perfect Match concealer and Hello Flawless powder from Benefit. It takes about 6 hours before I need any touch ups which I think is grand as I would usually touch up mid-afternoon. I also like Naked Skin as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It also has skin nourishing ingredients which have reported to improve skin appearance without makeup. This isn't something I'd ever seek out but it's a great bonus!
I posted this picture to Instagram of me wearing the foundation a few weeks ago... I feel like it gives fantastic coverage considering the light weight texture of the foundation.
Overall, I think I'm converted to Naked Skin! I'm not giving up on my Laura Mercier but I think it will be reserved for certain occasions where it needs to be long lasting. I love the dewy finish of Naked Skin and think it is perfect for summer. It retails for £27 for 30mls so it's also great value for money as a little goes a long way.
G x  

Eating Out in Belfast #2

I've been trying to loose a bit of weight recently for my upcoming graduation so apart from the odd naughty Happy Meal, I haven't been eating out much. However, this week, myself, my mum and Gran all headed to cool new Belfast spot Bubbacue for a bit of lunch. My mum really wanted to go for her birthday lunch (which is SO not her, she's more of an afternoon type of gal)- I think she's been watching too much Man vs Food and misses our holidays to America. My Gran didn't have a clue what was going on. She's more of a fish and chips type of lady and being 74, noted how "trendy" and "young" the customers were. I love the concept of Bubbacue; a small menu, big portions and yummy grub. It is a Texan grill style place selling spicy sausage, chicken, pulled pork and brisket. If you like Nandos or Boojum, you will love Bubbacue. You order as you go in the door and take a seat at one of the cute red and white table-clothed tables. I loved the table numbers made out of Coca-Cola bottles with wooden spoons stuck on them. The tables also have 4 different BBQ sauces to try ranging from sweet to Carolina which is a bit more fiery. My Gran found it funny that the napkins came in the form of a kitchen roll sat on the table- I thought it was very clever!
Our food was served very quickly and the portions were huge. I opted for a pulled pork sandwich with Mac n Cheese, coleslaw and a pickle. My mum opted for the same only with fries and my gran picked (i.e. we ordered for her) a beef brisket sandwich with fries. I liked how the food came in little tins and the "sandwich" is a sweet bun, much like the bun in which McDonald's burgers are served. I loved my meal (and the pickle. I was the only one in my family to eat it. Apparently when my mum was pregnant she couldn't stop eating them. It makes me feel like Snooki) and the portion was very big. I left a lot because I was also eating some of my Gran's fries (very thin and yummy, like fries when you go on holiday). Bubbacue is amazing value for money and seems to be a hit with people of my age for this fact. Meals are about £5.50 and drinks are £1.50 and I didn't eat all day after it! They also have a take out service. Some men from the PSNI had popped in for some takeaway for their lunch while we were there! I had some home-made lemonade as my drink and it was a lovely compliment to the BBQ tastes.
Yummy Lemonade

Yummy sandwich and Mac n cheese.... and a pickle!
I'd definitely recommend Bubbacue for a great, filling, tasty and value for money lunch. Even my Gran liked it and she's quite a fussy eater.
For more information on Bubbacue visit:
G x

That Belfast Girl takes on Newry

I often feel sad that there are many places in Northern Ireland I haven't visited. However, this week, an opportunity came up to go to Newry on a little Fashion&Food tour in preparation for Newry Style City this weekend. A team of bloggers set off on the hour train journey from Belfast to Newry and arrived to a very windy day! We toured around lots of different independent boutiques, Jack Murphy Jewellers (diamonds galore!) and had yummy treats from Grounded, Art Bar Funkel (an amazing tapas bar) and afternoon tea from The Canal Court Hotel. It was a long day, filled with laughs and lots of loveliness. I loved two stores in particular- a new store called Bows and a well known shop called Snaubs. Both had some really gorgeous and unique clothing pieces.

Firstly we headed to Grounded for a drink and a lesson brewing coffee! I love their menus. I opted for a Summer Breeze Frappe as I have a caffeine intolerance.

 My favourite shop was Bow's. They had so many gorgeous pieces. Here are some of my favourites:

Yummy lunch in Art Bar Funkel! I love the name and loved that it's tapas style so you get a wee bit of everything.

I also loved a shop called Snaubs which has a lovely restaurant attached to it. I feel in love with a few things including the gorgeous Versace dress pictured below!

I loved my little trip and I'm hopefully going to go back soon with my family. Thanks to all the lovely people of Newry for a fabulous day.

G x

S/S 2013 Products with Sally Hansen, Rimmel and NYC

I love getting invited to events, especially with people I really like. My fave PR lady Fiona had to come up to Belfast for some business so while she was here, she arranged for some beauty bloggers to have a little nosey at the new products from NYC, Sally Hansen and Rimmel. Fiona is so generous and frequently sends me NYC products to try out. Despite their super cheap price tag, these products are amazing quality. In particular, their mascaras are a definite must try. She held the little get together in the lovely Paddy McGurgan's Make Up Pro Store (I'm pretty sure at this point Paddy is sick of looking at me!!!). She had Paddy explain how we could use the products for this seasons gorgeous looks. The best bit of advice he gave was to not over powder your face. This season is all about dewy, gorgeous and flawless skin without having numerous products packed on. He encouraged us all to try out products and not to be afraid of makeup- he said you won't always get it right but there is no harm in having some fun or trying!
Here are some pictures of my favourite products:

LOVED these two colours. Pedal to the Metal by Sally Hansen and Summer Orange by Rimmel Salon Pro

I also loved this Rimmel Apocalips- they describe it as a "lip lacquer"

 I loved these two Tiffany blue colours- perfect for Spring
Some Rimmel mascaras I am excited to try
And now on to my outfit. I got ready in such a hurry. I didn't have time to straighten my hair so I threw it up and had very minimal makeup on (L'Oreal CC cream is my saviour!). I had dealt with my leg bleeding for 30 minutes when I had come out of the shower. Always the most inappropriate time to get a razor cut! As for my outfit, I wore a green shirt by Primark, black and white trousers by Primark and my favourite Zara shoes. Casual but still dressy.

Also here is a cute pic of me and my blogging BFF Sara from Belfast Beauty Love. Tall girls united!

All these products are in store now so I would encourage you to go and have a nosey. The great thing about "drug store" beauty is that they now can make products so quickly to copy the colours of bigger, more expensive brands. This means you can stay on trend for very little money and experiment to your heart is content!
G x