My Make-Up Storage

I posted a quick snap on Instagram of my makeup storage and everyone seemed interested to see how I store all my makeup. I have SO much stuff (I have a lipstick in every handbag, a makeup bag in my main handbag and a makeup bag for choir). I am trying to de-clutter and use up more products. The little bit of on the top (pictured below) is a piece from Amazon. I am using it for daily use products and things I am trying out. I'd like to think one day I'll just have this when I have all my holy grail products!

Storage topper from Amazon
 The rest of my storage is 2 x 3 stack A4 paper holders from Homebase. Lots of office stuff is perfect for storing makeup! I would love the "Kardashian" storage but it is very expensive for what it is. These drawers are really big and store my stuff well for me. 

Drawers from Homebase

I have the drawers (mostly) organised. The top drawer is face products, 2nd is eye products, 3rd is lashes and eyeshadows, 4th is lip products, 5th is nail polishes and 6th is more nail polish and over flow of face product (bronzers are very blunky to store!). It's great to be able to see what you have but I must admit that the drawers need a good clean every now and then because they get dusty or makeup gets on them easily. 

I store my brushes in a little Hello Kitty tin from Poundland. Not very glam but very handy! I love Real Techniques brushes as you can see! These stay beside my candle above some Benefit face kits (which are amazing but a pain to store!!).

Tell me how you all store your makeup!

G x