Let's Talk About Nails

After a few years of acrylic nails and gel polish, the past few months have been a welcome rest for my little nails. I have quite good nails but I find that polish chips much easier on natural nails and that acrylic nails (strangely) were less hassle! I wish we had more places in Belfast that focused on just normal manicures rather than acrylic or gel nails! We need a cheap mani/pedi place like they have in every mall in the USA!
I have been trying to maintain short square nails. I have been a good girl and pushing my cuticles back every week though I think I need to invest in a cuticle balm to erase them! I picked up a bag of wooden cuticle sticks in my local beauty supply store for £1. I think there is about 20 in the bag so quite a bargain. I've also found that leaving my nails nail-polish free for a few days also makes a huge difference when I get round to painting them. I also buff them every few weeks. Make sure not to over buff your nails as it can make them thin! I file my nails with the Young Nails 150 files. I feel like these are the best file for me because they are quite coarse. Try and buy a good nail file as they can make all the difference to your nails- my BFF's mum swears by the Leighton Denny Glass Nail file (which I must get round to trying!). Remember like every part of your body, your nails need to breathe! Taking your polish, acrylic or gels off once in while and using cuticle oil, hand cream and a treatment such as OPI Nail Envy can make a real difference to your nails. I've also been loving Sally Hansen Nail Thickener for non-nail polish days and it also helps reconstruct the nail.
If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I love painting my nails. I'm not very into nail art (unless I ever get the WAH girls to do them!) and I like very block colours. At the minute I am loving navy nails (China Glaze make a gorgeous colour) and also orange nails (shocker, favourite new colour EVER). Also, as pictured, you can see I have been trying out the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes. These are supposed to imitate the sheen of a gel polish. I like them as they are thick and easy to apply. They are good value for money and the Lycee (a lovely creamy nude) is a perfect colour for all occasions. The Blueberry colour is also very cute for the spring season. Another thing I have been loving is the new Confetti topcoat by L'Oreal. There has been a lot of chat about speckled nails as a trend for this season and L'Oreal came up trumps with this topcoat. Pop it over any of your polishes to give a "salt and pepper" effect to your nails. This retails for £4.99 which is great and saves you on buying lots of new polishes for the S/S season! The only gripe I have with this is that it is quite hard to remove. I found I had to buff it off as the texture of it is quite coarse.
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What nail trends are you guys loving? Are there any great manicurists in Belfast I should try?
G x