George at Asda| West Coast Cooler FashionWeek

West Coast Cooler FashionWeek always seems to come round so quickly every season. I attended the opening of this season which was a show by George at Asda. Belfast Fashion Week is being held in the Ulster Museum which is a great change for the show. Now, don't judge. I've bought some absolute gems from Asda in the past and more people should go for a nosey! Apprently Northern Ireland Asda stores have 40% more custom than the rest of the UK... we love a bargain! Belfast Fashion Week is always a fun time to hang out with fellow bloggers and I lots of laughs with my good friend Avril from School Gate Style. Asda had some amazing pieces, I particularly was taken by a few of the maxi dresses for the summer months (if they ever get here..Belfast weather, eh?). For the show I chose to wear something quite plain. I'd had quite a stressful day so it was a "get dressed and out the door" situation. I embraced the George at Asda theme of the night by wearing a monochrome black and cream shirt from their current range (with a black H&M vest underneath). I teamed this with Primark skinnies (which were £7 and actually fit quite nicely) and my new shoes from Also how much has my hair grown since I got it cut!? WOW.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate my new shoes. I wanted orange shoes for so long and I spied these on for half price! They have SUPER spikey studs (which can double as a weapon if someone tries to attack me) and they are so comfy! I'll probably never have them off my feet.

I captured this great photo on my iPhone. Yes, you can call me David Bailey.

Avril was also wearing some pretty fabulous shoes last night... I think they were a wee M&S Special!

I hope you are all enjoying fashion week and all the coverage!

G x