The Perfect Heels

Being a 5 foot 10 gal, I often find it hard to get gorgeous heels that also don't make me look like the BFG or make it impossible to walk without falling over. I've always been a fan of Marks & Spencer's heels for sheer comfort but recently I've been seeking out a certain type of shoe. For any fellow Kardashian fans, the ankle strap style that their entire family has been working is right up my street. Mid-heel, ankle strap, elegant but sturdy. After some initial looking about I came across the most perfect pair from Zara. In my mid-teens I only ever wore Zara heels as they are really comfortable (and pretty great value) and this pair makes me wonder why I ever veered from them in the first place. Zara currently has dozens of ankle strap court heels in at the moment so it made choosing a bit hard but I finally settled on this pair from the Zara Basic range in black. The cobalt blue variation (which has been a real hit this awards season) are also gorgeous! The black seemed more sensible as I literally can wear them with everything- jeans and a blazer, a skirt, a dress... I think they look really amazing as a day time heel. The heel is just over 3 inches making them easy to walk in and very comfortable. And the best bit? They were £29.99. Maybe I'll feel less guilty about buying the blue ones!

G x