New blog, New Hair

Hair Story:  Myself blonde, auburn, dark and with new bob
I'm a pretty drastic sort of person. Every time something in my life happens that is sort of dramatic, I cut or do something to my hair. The epitome of a cliched woman, "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair!".  I'm also not at all proprietary about my hair. I'd probably shave my head for a lot of money and wear wigs like Wendy Williams and be blissfully happy. I am pretty blessed in the respect that my hair grows VERY quickly. However, I had my hair previously cut before Christmas and had about 2 inches off it. I decided last year to go blonde (my natural hair is about 1 shade off jet black) when my hair was not in great condition. I'd just come over a big operation and I'd had lots of medication pumped into me. So word to the wise- if you're sick don't do anything to your hair! The blonde was short lived as I felt like I was cheating on myself with someone else. I then went auburn. Yet again short lived. I always come back to dark brown/black. It's just my thing. So on Sunday, after my hair had been feeling super dry at the ends (a string of antibiotics, the winter and still in recovery from being striped twice last year) I decided to wack it all off. I went to Regis in Victoria Square which was pricey but good (and open on a Sunday!). About 4 inches came off and I now have a lovely jaw length bomb. I loved the girl from Call The Midwife's hair (Jessica Raine) and I'd been told I look a bit like her so I decided just to go for it. Sure why not? It's only hair and it grows back! Kim Kardashian is still my hair hero (even though a lot of hers is not real!). I was trying to grow it for my graduation but in true Miss Bond (i.e. me) form, I'll probably wear fake hair anyway!
Hair Inspiration: Jessica Raine & Kim Kardashian
I've had my hair this short before and it's so much easier to manage. It takes literally 5 minutes in the morning. I think I'll be wearing my hair natural which is super curly! My hair feels thicker and much more healthy. Anyone thinking of cutting their hair- do it! Hopefully I'll be able to style my hair in more exciting ways... I'm thinking 50's curls and slicked back with gel... very 90s!
What do you all think of my new hair?
G x