Paddy McGurgan's Makeup Pro Store

I was delighted to go this morning for a little tour of Paddy McGurgan's new Makeup Pro Store which is located on Royal Avenue (just a few doors up from the Belfast Telegraph). If you live in Belfast, I'm sure you'll know Paddy. He is Northern Ireland's finest makeup artist and has won many competitions for his work. He recently opened up his own makeup shop which must be every makeup artists dream! They offer makeup lessons (a must for any young girl or someone who just wants to up their knowledge), makeup application and have teamed up with Khara Pringle's photographic studio upstairs for some amazing packages to look your best! Paddy and his staff are so lovely and very welcoming which is always a great thing to feel from a makeup artist- I love getting my makeup done and having a good old chat with the makeup artist!
Paddy stocks a lot of makeup that is both affordable and perfect for beginners right up to pro-makeup artists like himself. With brands such as Makeup Artelier (their HD blush alone is worth going to Paddy's shop to see) to amazing skincare brand Embryolisse (which is a favourite of models and makeup artists around the world), the shop is worth a look! I was also really taken by the fact that Paddy has his own brand of brushes which are AMAZING quality and so affordable. I will be calling back in ASAP to start adding more to my collection. He also told me he has a makeup and a skincare line in talks to maybe add to the store but he wouldn't mention what.... excited to see what they are!
Here are some of my favourite things in the store:

We thought we would ask Paddy 5 quick beauty questions as we had reached out to our Facebook and Twitter followers- let me know if you like having videos on That Belfast Girl and we'll try and do a few more!

To book a visit or for more information on the Makeup Pro Store call: 028 9043 4007 or visit the store at 108-112 Royal Avenue.

G x

New blog, New Hair

Hair Story:  Myself blonde, auburn, dark and with new bob
I'm a pretty drastic sort of person. Every time something in my life happens that is sort of dramatic, I cut or do something to my hair. The epitome of a cliched woman, "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair!".  I'm also not at all proprietary about my hair. I'd probably shave my head for a lot of money and wear wigs like Wendy Williams and be blissfully happy. I am pretty blessed in the respect that my hair grows VERY quickly. However, I had my hair previously cut before Christmas and had about 2 inches off it. I decided last year to go blonde (my natural hair is about 1 shade off jet black) when my hair was not in great condition. I'd just come over a big operation and I'd had lots of medication pumped into me. So word to the wise- if you're sick don't do anything to your hair! The blonde was short lived as I felt like I was cheating on myself with someone else. I then went auburn. Yet again short lived. I always come back to dark brown/black. It's just my thing. So on Sunday, after my hair had been feeling super dry at the ends (a string of antibiotics, the winter and still in recovery from being striped twice last year) I decided to wack it all off. I went to Regis in Victoria Square which was pricey but good (and open on a Sunday!). About 4 inches came off and I now have a lovely jaw length bomb. I loved the girl from Call The Midwife's hair (Jessica Raine) and I'd been told I look a bit like her so I decided just to go for it. Sure why not? It's only hair and it grows back! Kim Kardashian is still my hair hero (even though a lot of hers is not real!). I was trying to grow it for my graduation but in true Miss Bond (i.e. me) form, I'll probably wear fake hair anyway!
Hair Inspiration: Jessica Raine & Kim Kardashian
I've had my hair this short before and it's so much easier to manage. It takes literally 5 minutes in the morning. I think I'll be wearing my hair natural which is super curly! My hair feels thicker and much more healthy. Anyone thinking of cutting their hair- do it! Hopefully I'll be able to style my hair in more exciting ways... I'm thinking 50's curls and slicked back with gel... very 90s!
What do you all think of my new hair?
G x

The Perfect Heels

Being a 5 foot 10 gal, I often find it hard to get gorgeous heels that also don't make me look like the BFG or make it impossible to walk without falling over. I've always been a fan of Marks & Spencer's heels for sheer comfort but recently I've been seeking out a certain type of shoe. For any fellow Kardashian fans, the ankle strap style that their entire family has been working is right up my street. Mid-heel, ankle strap, elegant but sturdy. After some initial looking about I came across the most perfect pair from Zara. In my mid-teens I only ever wore Zara heels as they are really comfortable (and pretty great value) and this pair makes me wonder why I ever veered from them in the first place. Zara currently has dozens of ankle strap court heels in at the moment so it made choosing a bit hard but I finally settled on this pair from the Zara Basic range in black. The cobalt blue variation (which has been a real hit this awards season) are also gorgeous! The black seemed more sensible as I literally can wear them with everything- jeans and a blazer, a skirt, a dress... I think they look really amazing as a day time heel. The heel is just over 3 inches making them easy to walk in and very comfortable. And the best bit? They were £29.99. Maybe I'll feel less guilty about buying the blue ones!

G x