18 February 2020

Miss Independent

When I was little, I grew up wanting to be independent. Being an only child, it's something that feels quite natural to me. I was used to my own company, looking up to adults and holding my own in any conversation. My mum and granny always pushed me in education knowing that if I worked hard enough, it would make me independent. They are two independent women themselves - both providing for their families on their own. Independence was my norm - I've never looked at the women in my life and watched them ask for anything. 
16 February 2020

What's the craic?

I wrote on my blog 5 times in 2019. Five. I used to regularly write. It was my therapy and it was one of the reasons I fell in love with blogging. 2019 was a crazy, upside down sort of year. I ran away from my blog because I was so emotional I feared I wouldn't know when to stop writing. I always feel like I've written around subjects without getting too personal and I hope I continue that way. My story is all here on this blog if you are good at connecting dots.

08 January 2020

Bigger, better, fresher

*this is a paid partnership with M&S 

I’ve been brought up on Marks & SpencerFrom my favourite treat, the iconic Percy Pigs to the Chicken Fajitas from the American Range that I crave on a Friday evening, M&S is a huge part of my routine of life. 

I live extremely close to M&S Abbeycentre which has recently had an upgrade to become one of only 4 stores in the UK to sport the fabulous new look. The store is now bigger, better and fresher than ever.

11 December 2019

Last minute gift ideas

I feel like it was September two seconds ago! I feel like I've really run out of time this festive season so if you are like me, take advantage of some of my top pressie options below to save you some time!

05 November 2019

Festive dates around City Hall

I cannot believe it is November! I have absolutely no idea where 2019 has gone to - it has whizzed past in a flash. It's now the time of year where I am planning nights out for catch ups and celebrating the festive season. There's so much choice around Belfast but recently I have found myself more in and around the City Hall. I cannot wait to visit my top spots in November and December - and feel SO cute looking at the lights and tree! My top advice? Always plan ahead. All of the great restaurants book out so quickly especially the closer to Christmas and New Year so BOOK NOW!