07 August 2020

The Ultimate Belfast Staycation Guide

*This post is an ad sponsored by Discover Northern Ireland

So many of us will be in the same boat with travel plans being cancelled because of the on-going global pandemic. Therefore, I’m here to encourage you to still be a tourist on your own doorstep this summer. I’ve teamed up Discover Northern Ireland to recommend my top places to play, eat, drink, discover and sleep. My recommendation is to take advantage mid week especially with the Eat Out to Help Out scheme which providing value for eating out Monday - Wednesday in the city. 

20 July 2020

Love, loss and lockdown

The past few months have been nothing short of extraordinary. The life I had at the start of March is now a completely different one. 
03 May 2020

Why Normal People got me in the feels

Me aged 18

In isolation there's very little to do other than cook, do home work outs and binge on the latest TV series. Last week I binged on Normal People - the TV series that has everyone talking. Based on the Sally Rooney book, the series takes a very real and raw look into teenage and uni love. The guts of the story are rooted in the socio-econmic status of the two characters who come from very different worlds but find solace in each other for being outsiders in different ways. 
20 April 2020


Where do I even begin to talk about how life has changed over the past few weeks? Being confined to our homes for our safety has been a strange concept. In fact, I realised I hadn't spent longer than a weekend in my home without seeing other people. I had a list the length of my arm of things I needed to do around the house that I never found the time for. I feel I almost feared the silence of my own house.

18 February 2020

Miss Independent

When I was little, I grew up wanting to be independent. Being an only child, it's something that feels quite natural to me. I was used to my own company, looking up to adults and holding my own in any conversation. My mum and granny always pushed me in education knowing that if I worked hard enough, it would make me independent. They are two independent women themselves - both providing for their families on their own. Independence was my norm - I've never looked at the women in my life and watched them ask for anything.